• About Team Prema

    About Team Prema

    Hi from the team

    We're here to help you get on board with on line technology as a tool to help you find a better lifestyle and more time with the people you like to be with

    TeamPREMA is made up of a few families that like the idea of family businesses and working with friends. Our work is managed by a corporate trained software solution architect of many years experience

    We can build or provide online technology of all kinds. The thing we really love is helping people connect with opportunity

  • On Line Magic!

    On Line Magic!

    Use some help?

    So far we've built lots of websites, a few Client Relationship Management systems, an iridology practice management system, business product catalogues, ecommerce systems and more. The background to this page shows some websites designed and buit by our team

    We also build special website features and business application. Check out our gallery for some samples

    We are also asked to provide help and technical advice on creating online businesses and making software decisions.

    Let's talk. Contact us now

  • Special Offers

    Special Offers

    Watch this space!

    Special offers on the way

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    Contact us now

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